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Vlad Kukharchuk

Vlad yoga instructorMy name is Vlad. Originally I am from Belarus. At the age of 21, I moved to San Francisco to pursue a business career. My goal was to study at HAAS School of Business, UC Berkeley. Right before sending the application, something inside of me kept saying, “this is not your path…”

I woke up with this feeling for two months until I finally decided to change the direction of my journey and devote my life to

music, yoga and an enjoyable, healthy meal plan.

Recently, I have relocated to Los Angeles where I am developing a dedicated yoga practice, promoting an active lifestyle which includes gratifying, satiating foods and meditation. In addition, I am a musician and currently my band is recording a new album. Body, mind and spirit. I am living my dreams every single day. The balance I have found in my life has given me an appreciation for this consciousness that I want to share with everyone.


Is to inspire and support you in achieving your goals and unleashing your best potential.