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Tanesha Morrison

An entrepreneur and humanitarian at heart, Tanesha ‘Mrs. TEE’ Welch is on the brink of inspiring youth and adults with a focus on girls and women. As founder of T. Welch Enterprises, Tanesha has created a platform for youth and adults of all backgrounds and professional levels to gather together and become empowered through T.E.AwithTEEWelch. TEAwithTEEWelch is a series of programs and events with a mission to help girls and women become the BEST version of themselves. The acronym (T.E.A.) highlights the various services offered, (T)raining and consulting. (E)mpowerment events, speaker, groups and sessions. (A)dditional services and products.

Tanesha has found that there are many girls and women who desire to go further in life but lack the motivation, confidence, guidance or linkage to do so. Through her empowerment sessions, Tanesha is on a mission to empower others to redirect their paths to success and live the life they desire and deserve. Tanesha’s goal is to host a number of empowerment events and conferences throughout the year. T.E.A. with TEE Welch has 5 expected outcomes:  1. Create a platform for women to inspire other women by sharing their stories of success 2. Empower youth and adults to move further down their own personal path to success by making a plan and taking action. 3. Create an opportunity for community members to mix, mingle and network in a positive setting. 4. Inspire and impact individuals in being progressive throughout the year. 5. Encourage daily positive affirmations as a way to have a positive outlook on life.

Over the past 10 years, Tanesha has been of service to the Los Angeles Community operating her Non-Profit organization: A Blessing in a Bag Foundation, Inc. (ABB Foundation) servicing the homeless and low-income population by way of clothing, feeding and educating underserved individuals. Through ABB Foundation, Tanesha and a host of volunteers has been able to serve approximately 1,500 people a year. Since 2012, Tanesha has volunteered and worked for various programs and companies to encourage youth sports and dance as a safe haven, for inner city youth not to fall vicitim to the many negative influences in the community. Working along side Southern California Falcons Youth Football and Cheer organizations, Crenshaw Yoga and Dance, Los Angeles Community Church in addition to various volunteer and consultant contracts (to name a few); Tanesha has taught the value of self confidence and personal development through dance, to hundreds of youth girls.