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Katrina Fausey

Katrina Fausey is a Dance Instructor/Choreographer based in the Los Angeles area. With over 12 years of dance and teaching experience, she has taught at many studios throughout Los Angeles and the bay area. She’s performed with a competitive Jazz team, a professional dance crew, performed at Disneyland and on stages of her own making.  She also has choreographed for local musical theatre stage productions including pieces for Theatre West’s West Fest event and for up and coming artist Kimbe Renee for her Northern California Tour including a Columbia Records showcase. Most recently, she choreographed a seductive dance scene in a feature film that will be reaching Netflix viewers in late 2017.
Her passion for Burlesque blossomed in late 2010, where she began performing at local shows in the Bay Area. She developed a stage persona, Fannie Sinclair.  Her style tends to have a jazzy, Broadway flair, but can vary into other facets of Burlesque and the art of tease. After performing and developing a new found confidence in herself, she wanted to give back to the community of women that lift each other up.