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Denise Antoine

Denise Antoine

L.A. based yoga teacher bringing Yoga & Dance to adults & kids (in):
-Marginalized communities.
-Women in recovery from various traumas, including women working in the sex industry, victims of human trafficking, women dealing with eating disorders and PTSD.
-Artists struggling with identity issues and lack of self love.

Denise received her Holistic Yoga Flow 200hr training with Travis Eliot and Lauren Eckstrom. Her teaching style reflects a wellness center that embodies fitness, healing, creativity, self-love and purpose.

She has dedicated many years in service, on staff and as a volunteer at numerous organizations including, Treasures Ministries (a L.A. based non-profit providing care for women working in the sex industry; including victims of human trafficking), Oasis Church, A Window Between Worlds and Alexandria House.

She has taught yoga and ballet to professional dance companies, men and women of various ages, group classes, private clients, non-profits, international luxury resorts & at the collegiate level.

Denise is honored to have recently joined the teaching staff at  Crenshaw Yoga & Dance!

“I believe yoga is a conversation. Ask yourself, where can I heal? How can I expand in my capacity to love? How can I serve others? Start there…the yoga will do the rest. Xo..”