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Cecilia Ussher

Restorative yoga Take an hour to give yourself some tender loving care (TLC) with this all levels restorative yoga class. Peel back the day’s tension with refreshingly soothing breath connected poses. This is a chance to gently remind the body and mind how relaxing it can feel to be supported and nurtured.

Cecilia is the product of 3 continents (Africa, Europe & North America) and thrives on diversity. Certified to teach Kundalini and Hatha, she is an educator focused on emerging innovations in yoga and social emotional wellbeing for children and adults. Cecilia’s classes encourage students to do some compassionate internal housekeeping, while often sweating and laughing.

She currently teaches, restorative yoga and yoga basics. The breath, safety, building community and great music, are at the root of her teaching style. City life can take a toll on the body and mind. And Cecilia is committed to helping people reignite and reconnect with their inner spark, through the practice of non-judgmental inclusive yoga.