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P1000058[1] (2)I was born in New Orleans, moved to New York where I lived from ages 2-6, to Dallas from 6-10, and to Cincinnati from 10-16.  As a senior in high school, I moved to LA and went to Dorsey.  I was the first Black student at  Scripps College for Women in Claremont, went to LA City College, and then to UCLA, where I met my husband of 52 years, Bobby Smith, who later played pro football, went to law school, ran the Upward Bound Program at UCLA, and then worked in Development at UCLA.  Meanwhile, I taught in the High Potential Program at UCLA, got my Masters in Education, and later taught math at Westchester High School for 22 years.  I completed Purusha Hickson’s Yoga Teacher Training Program in 2005, and I have been teaching Yoga for Beginners at Crenshaw Yoga since I retired from LAUSD in 2006.