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Our Mission at Crenshaw Yoga and Dance is to provide yoga, dance workout classes in a one-stop studio for all your wellness education and fitness needs at an affordable price that will encourage our community to learn, maintain, and value a healthy lifestyle.



Mindful Vinyasa Flow

Every Tuesday and Thursday from 9-10:15 a.m.Especially for our morning yogis! A steady yoga flow practice to get your body ready for the day.
$50/month or $10/drop-in class.

Disco Kids

kids disco

 This Last Saturday is July 25th 5:00-7:00p.m. 

Live DJ.  Flashing lights.  The hottest new music and freshest new moves.  Sound like a fabulous night out at the club?  Close-it’s our amazing new addition, the Kids Disco Party.

 Now you can hit the “club scene,” while still sharing a fun and fit night with the kids-all in a safe, family-friendlyenvironment!

Dance pro and live DJ, the lovely b-RyaN, will be bringing our dance floor to life, teaching you and your kids dance crazes such as the nae nae, the whip, the shake, the snake, and the tootsie roll.  We’ll also have energetic games for big ones and little ones alike, like freeze dance, the limbo, and more.  Parents, you can hang out, dance out, or put your feet up while you we do all the work.

Costumes welcomed-no, encouraged.  =)

Come on out and make some awesome memories with your kids!

Cost is only $20 for a child and an adult



Pam’s “late-in-life” entry to yoga influenced her subsequent teaching focus and absolute joy in working with senior men/women and those new to yoga. Pam’s personal and teaching mission: To practice Hatha Yoga and to develop the greatest flexibility and strength possible… ultimately supporting an independent, joyous, and fullfilled lifestyle.

$7/drop-in class or $50/month


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