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Our Mission at Crenshaw Yoga and Dance is to provide yoga, dance workout classes in a one-stop studio for all your wellness education and fitness needs at an affordable price that will encourage our community to learn, maintain, and value a healthy lifestyle.


infusion Cha ChaCreator and founder of ChaCha Fit. ChaCha Fit is a high cardio dance fitness classes that focuses on burning calories by targeting muscles and consistently working them until fatigued. ChaCha Fit always ends with stretching to promote long lean muscles. ReneƩ encourages clients to push themselves in class to their limit, enjoy the burn and to begin to create a life of health and wellness.



Afrovibe is an intense and comprehensive dance workout class that combines cardio, African/Afro dances, the Middle East and Latin dances, fitness exercises and choreography. It starts with a warm-up, followed by choreography building off of various dance moves. Time is also dedicated to strengthen the arms, work the hips, abs, and glutes. The class ends with a return to stretching. Choreography and difficulty levels can be different based on the students in class.


SWAG Fitness


S.W.A.G. is a full on hour of non-stop high intensity cardio infused with choreographed dance moves guaranteed to make you sweat while having fun and dancing to the best of Hip Hop / Urban inspired music. He is now marketing S.W.A.G. in hopes to expand and travel while offering pop-up workshops nationally. He recently did a 2-day workshop event in the Los Angeles area and recently booked another event in Florida in the upcoming months.


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