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KarLee Young – 

Kar Lee Young

Kar Lee Young

Crenshaw Yoga studio was created by KarLee Young. KarLee saw a need for yoga in the local community and decided to create a unique space where the community can gather to practice yoga and dance. KarLee is a retired nurse who graduated in England as a registered nurse and midwife. Through a wonderful turn of events she had the opportunity to move and live in the US. She found her yoga practice as a way to deal with personal issues. Yoga helped her find the direction and the focus she needed to deal with life. She opened Crenshaw Yoga and Dance (CYD) to share the benefits of yoga and dance with the community. CYD opened its doors in August 2004, becoming the first yoga studio in the Crenshaw Community.

Since the studio opened, it has expanded to include four individual spaces. The studio space is open up to public use, private parties, events and workshops. She started with yoga and dance classes, and is now looking to expand into children’s wellness and fitness that can enrich the lives of young children.

Her mission at Crenshaw Yoga and Dance is to provide yoga and dance classes, wellness education, and fitness at an affordable price that will encourage the community to learn, maintain, and value a healthy lifestyle.

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My name is Mike Michaud

I began practicing Yoga after a major hip surgery left me depressed and immobile. I had no idea at the time how quickly my body would heal, nor how my life would do the same. I’ve been teaching yoga now for over ten years.

I teach a very specific practice that involves the joining of mind and body with an ancient breathing technique known as Ujjayi. This communion with Ujjayi allows one to become more “present” and aware on the mat.

Once present, the yogic postures, or “Asanas”, can now trigger the “Prana” or life force, that lies latent in every human being. This Prana begins surging like a river, through the body, flushing out toxins trapped in joints and muscles, revitalizing them as it goes.

The end result is an elated sense of physical well being and spaciousness, as every cell is now pulsing with new life. One feels refreshed, relaxed, and emotionally centered, loose and free in one’s own body….this is the gift of yoga.

Come on down an feel the heal…


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