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Crenshaw Yoga studio was created by KarLee Young. KarLee saw a need for yoga in the local community and decided to create a unique space where the community can gather to practice yoga and dance. KarLee is a retired nurse who graduated in England as a registered nurse and midwife. Through a wonderful turn of events she had the opportunity to move and live in the US. She found her yoga practice as a way to deal with personal issues. Yoga helped her find the direction and the focus she needed to deal with life. She opened Crenshaw Yoga and Dance (CYD) to share the benefits of yoga and dance with the community. CYD opened its doors in August 2004, becoming the first yoga studio in the Crenshaw Community.

Since the studio opened, it has expanded to include four individual spaces. The studio space is open up to public use, private parties, events and workshops. She started with yoga and dance classes, and is now looking to expand into children’s wellness and fitness that can enrich the lives of young children.

Her mission at Crenshaw Yoga and Dance is to provide yoga and dance classes, wellness education, and fitness at an affordable price that will encourage the community to learn, maintain, and value a healthy lifestyle.

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Featured Classes Classes

7:00 – 8:00 a.m.Sunrise Flow (starts 7/11/17)Sherida
7:15 – 8:30 p.m.Warm Room Yoga(all levels)Sherida
11:00 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.Chakra Orisha Therapy (every 1st, 3rd Sunday)Sherida

About Sherida

Sherida was born in Jamaica and raised in New York. She started her love affair with yoga about 18yrs ago through an injury and found such healing that she never looked back and now has been teaching for over 12 years. Healing in every way has become a way of life and sharing that healing is of absolute importance.  Certified through Yoga Works NY sherida has interned and studied with some amazing master instructors.   She credits her influence from an amazing array of instructors on both coasts such as Julie Kleinman to spiritual teachers such as Pandit in NY Ashram, and guidance from the ancestors and Orishas. She currently teaches Power, Vinyasa flow, Deep stretch, and Chakra Orisha Therapy. Through her own experiences, years of study and a desperate need for healing a path of cleansing the chakra system, and balancing came through the system of yoga.   She teaches private and group classes as well as doing teacher continuing education certification and certifying people in Chakra Orisha Therapy.  Sherida also does sound therapy which has been extremely successful with helping people to clear their path and release so the true self can shine through.  As a warrior of light and an artist her purpose is to serve.

Chakra Orisha Therapy

Release what no longer serves you by tapping into the power of your chakra’s. Chakras are spinning wheels of energy and light located in the midline of our bodies close to vital organs. They help us to maintain a life of balance, bliss, and spiritual connection along our path. When they are out of balance or blocked we see that evidence in our day to day lives in our health and emotions. Learn about each chakra- what they do and how to cleanse them and which Orisha’s pertain to which chakra’s. She will be leading you through a sequence of poses for each chakra using the intense vibration of crystal bowls, Bija’s and yantras, to help you realign.


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Upcoming Jamaica Retreat Classes Classes


Sherida is very excited to take you to her place of birth. One of the most beautiful places in the world. We will do some yoga, honor the land, sleep in tree houses for a week and have some Good ole Jamaican, don’t worry FUN!!!! There are only 12 spots available so keep posted on the website to reserve your spot in the next couple of months!