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Our Mission at Crenshaw Yoga and Dance is to provide yoga, dance workout classes in a one-stop studio for all your wellness education and fitness needs at an affordable price that will encourage our community to learn, maintain, and value a healthy lifestyle.


infusion Cha ChaCreator and founder of ChaCha Fit. ChaCha Fit is a high cardio dance fitness classes that focuses on burning calories by targeting muscles and consistently working them until fatigued. ChaCha Fit always ends with stretching to promote long lean muscles. Reneé encourages clients to push themselves in class to their limit, enjoy the burn and to begin to create a life of health and wellness.



Skip the Hollywood buziness, the glitz and glam and come break a sweat, ketch di dance and build a vybz @ “DancehaLL.A” Doing routines and popular dances from music videos is great but if you want to learn the rich history, culture and fundamentals of dancehall as a genre of dace this “di place fi deh deh” Class is structured as followed but always allows room for the engery to create a unique dynamic.

$12.00 a class



At the age of 10, Lupita  was in the Olympic gymnastics and swimming teams in Mexico City, in her early twenties she was in an equestrian traveling show, in her late 20’s when she arrived to Los Angeles, CA she joined a health club and for 16 years she did step aerobics. She’s been doing Zumba for 5 years and she has been teaching for 2 years, she loves motivating people and her classes are very intense but easy to follow, she will make you want to come back for more!!!


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